Saba Battery Online Store

Saba Battery Online Store

The services provided in the field of e-commerce, in the form of large manufacturing companies, have helped to expand the market and also in product line management, dealer network management, product price management, after-sales service and product warranty, and communication with end consumers. They are very effective.
The Sababatari products online store project for the Energy Resources Development Company is a concrete example of these services. This project consists of two main parts: Sababatari products online sales system and after-sales service system (digital warranty card). Ima Electronic Development Consulting Company (Mega) since 2016, as the executor of this project in the form of an integrated system, designs, produces and supports various services. With the implementation of this system, Sababatari experts have supported all matters related to sales and after-sales services on the Internet, and the management of all transactions between members has been facilitated.

Online sales system of Saba Battery products

In the product sales section of Sababatari collection, an online sales system has been set up with 3 services: retail, retail and wholesale.

This system has strengthened Saba Battery’s relations with its representatives across the country and has a better process.

The general objectives of the production of Sababatari products online sales system can be mentioned as follows:

  • Creating a new platform for selling Saba Battery products
  • Controlling the price of Sababatari products in the market
  • Systematic management of all sales transactions
  • Ability to sell batteries at any time of the day
  • Managing the collection of old batteries
  • Facilitate and improve communication management processes with key representatives and retailers

Retail service

Retail service

In this service, first, the retail section to the end consumer was launched online.
In this way, Saba Battery products were sold online to the customer and delivered on the spot.
At present, this system supports the process of delivery and installation of batteries throughout the country and is increasing the number of agents in order to increase customer satisfaction.

The specific objectives of launching this service are as follows:

  • Creating a platform for direct communication with end customers
  • Creating a database of end consumers
  • Central justice in the distribution of products aimed at protecting the rights of the final consumer
  • Controlling the price of products nationwide

Simultaneously with the launch of the online sales system of Sababatari products, a mobile sales application was also provided to end consumers. This application is offered in different platforms and it is possible to install it easily. At present, many customers from all over the country have made their purchase from Saba Battery through this application and have the goods delivered on the spot.

Retail service

Retail service

One of the policies of Sababatari Group to penetrate and be more effective in the battery market is to interact directly with the battery retail network in the country. For this purpose, in the online sales system of Sababatri products, a service has been launched through which the retail network and stores supplying Sababatri products are able to introduce themselves to the Sababatari collection and officially become members of this network. In this way, they will be able to take advantage of the benefits of the customer club.

 The objectives of this service are as follows:

  • Identify and complete the database of battery retailers nationwide
  • Establishing and managing the dealer network and distribution of Sababatari products in order to purposefully control the price of batteries in the country
  • Direct communication with retailers in order to manage and increase sales of Sababatari products in the country

Wholesale service

Wholesale service

The next step after retail was the wholesale service that was launched. The addressees of thisservice are Sababatari sales deputy and official representatives of Sababatari collection. In this system , Sababatari products are sold to the agents with special conditions and according to the conditions of each one, different price calculations will be done in purchasing the battery and delivering the discarded battery.
The main goals of this service are:

  • Improve trading procedures with key agents
  • Calculate the debts and credits of the representatives systematically
  • Facilitate the buying process of Sababatari by the main representatives
  • Improving battery distribution management procedures across the country

Saba Battery Digital Warranty Card System

Guarantee has always been one of the most important factors in buying from the customer. During these years, the problem of providing after-sales service by domestic manufacturing companies has always been raised. Traditional methods of after-sales service have always caused customer dissatisfaction.

By launching the digital warranty card system, while taking the warranty process and after-sales service of Sababatari products out of the traditional mode, it facilitates the management of this process and targets the warranty process and after-sales service by implementing new executive procedures. The costs of the parent company have also been saved.

The services of Sababatari digital guarantee card system are offered in the form of four services as follows:

  • Warranty assignment service
  • Warranty activation service
  • Battery replacement service
  • Quality control service for warranty processes

In this model, by scanning the battery barcode, all the information of its consumption time is stored and there is no need for a physical warranty card. Battery replacement operations can also be tracked through the digital warranty card system or mobile application.

In addition, at Sababatari After-Sales Service Center, the history of the return battery as well as the performance of the after-sales service representatives and the actions related to the return procedure and financial documents can be monitored and tracked.

Among the main goals of this system can be mentioned the following:

  • Improve product warranty management routines
  • Control and reduce direct costs and product warranty overhead
  • Monitoring the performance of authorized after-sales service agencies
  • Tracking and managing Sabbatari batteries from the moment of production to return to the factory
  • Create a digital warranty platform and remove the paper warranty card
  • Change the traditional mechanism to digital and improve the process of communication with after-sales service representatives
  • Providing new services to the end consumer in the field of warranty

Saba Battery Online Store

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