Iranecar, Mega knowledge-based product

Iranecar, Mega knowledge-based product

In order to expand e-commerce by operating various projects, while creating a safe environment for people to buy and encouraging online shopping, Mega has been able to occupy a significant part of the Iran’s electronic exchanges, according to official statistics of the Central Bank.
So that in 1392, 63% of the total volume of online sales transactions in the country through the comprehensive car portal of the country (IRANeCAR) has been done by Mega Company.

In this regard, Mega Company, by creating the necessary technical infrastructure to provide e-commerce services, has succeeded in obtaining the necessary permits from the Science and Technology Vice-Presidency by developing Iranecar portal, and since 1395, it has been among the knowledge-based companies. The golden position of this website in the automotive industry due to the high volume of sales and the use of unique infrastructure to control the momentary attacks of users, has been one of the main reasons for choosing this portal as a knowledge-based product.

Iranecar has been launched with the aim of providing various services to general users of the automotive industry, and has been selling products of most major automakers in the country for more than ten years now, and nearly 3 million vehicles have been sold through this platform. From this perspective, Iranecar portal can be considered a well-known brand in the country’s car industry.

On the other hand, the main mission of Iranecar is to create and launch the comprehensive car portal of Iran in order to connect car industry activists, provide information of the latest car technologies, trends and orientations of the global market.

This mission is based on Article 79 of the Electronics Commerce Law approved by the Islamic Parliament in 1382 and Article 37 of the Comprehensive Electronic Commerce Development Plan approved by the Delegation of Ministers in 1384 by the Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran on behalf of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade has been assigned to this portal.

The Operation of this mission can be expressed in the following cases:


  • Providing online services in the field of automobiles to users
  • Product, collect and release electronic news and content related to the car industry.

In other words, the main policies and capabilities of Iranecar are in the form of 3 main services:

  • Sales and purchase services
  • Car Services
  • Car News
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