Internet sales infrastructure

During this time, Ima Electronic Development Consulting Company (Mega) has upgraded its software and hardware infrastructure. Also, this infrastructure has been fully developed and specialized for online sales of products. With the support of this infrastructure, Mega is able to provide online sales not in the form of a single software, but as a complete service to its customers. This service will include hardware and software requirements.

In fact, in the field of online sales, Mega has gained the ability to answer questions in all parts of the sales process. This infrastructure is based on the cloud computing model and eliminates the need for customers to invest in software, hardware and support to sell their products online.

For example, in the last decade, one of Mega’s online sales infrastructure has been able to sell nearly 4.5 million vehicles worth more than 860,000 billion Rials. Also, the significant growth of sales statistics in the Mega online sales model, shows customer satisfaction with the performance of this infrastructure, especially in recent years.

Online store

One of the mega software infrastructures is the virtual store, which can be used by various organizations and companies providing products and services. This virtual store has all the factors of physical stores and the same modeling has been done on it.
These features include the following:

  • View and check the product
  • Awareness of product features and specifications
  • Receive brochures and product catalogs
  • Knowledge of the price of goods and how to pay
  • Knowledge of how to deliver or receive the goods
  • Buy a product

These facilities are offered to the customer in the form of a space that introduces the product brand or the brand of the product holder. In fact, this space is the shop window of the brand owner, which is offered to the customer in a virtual environment.

Technically, the storefront acts as a counter that will keep all the communication processes between the customer and the seller going. This system is continuously and separately connected with the brand-owned systems within the organization and exchanges information directly and online.

Design and implementation of virtual goods distribution network

The proposed mega infrastructure is not limited to the sale of goods and also has significant capabilities in the field of distribution of goods and delivery to the major or small customer. One of these models is the virtual dealer network.

Unlike the traditional process, creating a representative network in cyberspace does not require significant investment. This is possible by establishing mechanized communication with the country’s store network and creating a group of sellers who supply goods under the systems and disciplines of the parent company. The features that Mega Infrastructure provides to users are as follows:


  • Product pricing management
  • Managing the exchange of goods in the network of agencies
  • Managing payments and debit and credit accounts in the dealer network
  • Managing the delivery of goods to the consumer
  • Inventory management
  • Product warranty management

Here, we are dealing with the real representatives of the brand owner who will be the main pillar in this network. In fact, we should consider the network of virtual representatives as a kind of supporter and strengthener, physical representatives, which will eventually lead to the expansion of the market and increase sales and, of course, improve customer satisfaction.

Software environments

Online sales infrastructure contains 3 separate software environments as follows:

  • Online store software
  • Special sales software
  • Mobile application

Internet sales software

Using this software, the manufacturer or distributor of goods is able to display a variety of products for sale and facilitate the process of introduction and entry into the market. Also easily sell your products with high efficiency. The software management section allows the user to define the specifications of each product and sales conditions, determine the role of agencies and observe and monitor the process of registration and payments. In return, the software provides customers with a simple, fast and secure platform for shopping.

Once the customer has selected the product they want, they are directed to the bank portal and you can make a payment to the seller’s account in the shortest time. All information to track the purchase will be available in the same software. In addition, shopping from the online store is possible 24 hours a day. In addition, all events are recorded in the system, which allows the preparation of various types of reports from the system.

Auction sales software

In auction sales held on different occasions, suppliers offer a limited number of products at a reasonable price, which will usually be well received by buyers in a short period of time. Usually in this situation, due to the influx of users, the site suffers from a significant slowness, which in the design of this system, this issue has been fully considered and definite solutions have been considered for it.

The use of up-to-date and up-to-date technologies in this field has been able to maintain proper speed and performance when attacking the website.


Mobile application

In this internet sales infrastructure, access to mobile applications is also provided. Among the advantages of this application, we should mention the two-way communication between the user and the app and following the results of user behavior.

Support sales processes

Sales process support infrastructure makes it possible to embed all common sales methods to meet customer needs. In other words, all sales processes in this infrastructure are modeled and exploited. In this method, cash sales, pre-sales, direct sales, flexible sales, group sales, etc. are supported.

Server and bandwidth

Using the online sales infrastructure, the product vendor will not need to provide servers and bandwidth for online sales, and these features will be included in the mega service.

In this infrastructure, there are no restrictions on the provision of server resources such as (Hard, Ram, CPU). For this purpose, Mega Infrastructure uses Farm Server technology. By using this technology, server resources can be increased or decreased depending on the need. Accordingly, in times of peak traffic and pressure, server resources can be upgraded instantly. The online sales infrastructure also has a backup server area that in case of any malfunction of the involved servers, the backup servers will enter the circuit in the shortest possible time.

This is also the case with bandwidth, which allows you to provide unlimited bandwidth to support the sales process. Among the applied services of this infrastructure is providing a cloud computing model in the form of infrastructure and in the fields of hardware and software in order to serve the users. By using this model, other users do not need to invest in order to provide a suitable server or purchase a software license separately, and thus the costs imposed on them will be significantly reduced.

Internet sales protocols

In order to move assets safely, Mega Internet Sales Infrastructure is equipped with a variety of security and banking protocols, which we will discuss below:

Security protocols

Today, the web and cyberspace are used to exchange information. Of course, this method of communication also has its own risks. Therefore, it is necessary to transfer data in a secure environment. Many security risks, such as theft or altering the content of messages, can compromise the exchange of information. For example, in a buying process, the necessary trust must be formed between the buyer and the seller. This assurance can only be achieved by ensuring the security and validity of the electronic data exchange.

Some of the infrastructure security features are as follows:

  • Create a secure network to connect to the site management system
  • Securing the operating system and local access levels
  • Secure servers to deal with cyber attacks

Banking protocols

Mega online sales infrastructure is currently in contact with all PSP electronic payment companies in the country and all their rules and executive protocols for electronic money exchanges have been implemented in this infrastructure. Therefore, establishing a new online sales system or making any changes to it is easily possible. Also, the mega online sales infrastructure for electronic funds exchange has the symbol of electronic trust from the e-commerce development center of the country.

Ability to send group notification messages

It is necessary to provide instant information to customers online. Such a thing is considered in the system and the information related to registration and payment, etc. is done by sending a message.
Mega’s online sales infrastructure has the ability to send group messages, and you can also use the email notification feature.

Call and Customer Support Center

Mega’s online sales infrastructure also includes a call center and customer support. This center is responsible for responding to customers and solving their problems in the process of online shopping. Communication with banks and resolving discrepancies in payments are also among the tasks of this center. In this center, all customer calls can be recorded and checked. In this way, if the customer returns, it will be easier to follow up on his issues.

Customer club

Customer club with its special advantages is another feature of this system. This infrastructure also includes benefits such as focusing on audience engagement programs, festivals and promotions, reducing marketing costs, increasing brand ranking, and other analytical data needed to better engage customers. Instant reporting and analysis of customer behavior is another feature of this system.

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