Iranecar application

About Iranecar application

Iranecar application offers various car services. These include inquiring and paying tolls or fines, buying a license to enter the traffic plan, inquiring and paying for tolls, subscribing to and requesting mobile car assistance, buying car consumables such as oil and filters, buying car spare parts and accessories, buying insurance Body and third party…, pointed out.

Features of Iranecar application

Buy car engine oil:

In the Iranecar application, you can get your car engine oil from the reputable Speedy brand.

Payment of traffic plan tolls:

It is also possible to pay the traffic plan tolls in a separate section.

Reminder of insurance extension and oil change:

By registering your car in this application, you can learn about free services that remind you of insurance renewal, as well as remind you of changing engine oil.

Inquiry and payment of car fines:

Inquiry of car fines is possible in this application and it is possible to pay the amounts.

Inquiry about car tolls:

It will be possible to inquire about car tolls through the Iranecar application.

Customer club:

Club customers can get more points by introducing the application to their friends and inviting them, and finally receive a prize.

Car Day News:

In the car news section of the application, it is possible to follow new and hot domestic and foreign car news.


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