Online Car Spare Parts and Accessories Store (MegaYadak)

Due to the increasing use of Internet platforms in Iran, using information technology in the field of car spare parts and accessories can help a lot to omit low-quality ones. The main purpose of this project is to provide a large presence in the market of car spare parts and consumables. The main targets of this project are as follows:

  • Become a price inquiry reference in the spare parts market
  • Become a reference for introducing brands and certifying the quality of spare parts
  • Become a control tool for determining the price of car spare parts and their supply
  • Increase consumer satisfaction

The beneficiaries of Megayadak

The main activities defined in Megayadak are a combination of products and services that have been considered in different ways for different groups of customers. This system is designed to develop the capabilities of Iranecar portal and to make it easier for car owners to purchase spare parts, consumables, and related services.

Megayadak offers its services to the following three groups:

  • End consumers
  • Car repair shop
  • Suppliers

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