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Saipa Automotive Group has always been considered as a powerful automotive hub in the country. Initial negotiations with Saipa Company took place from the early years of Mega’s activity in Internet businesses, especially online car sales. Saipa internet products sales system was unveiled for the first time in 2008.

This system has always been of interest to users. Ease of purchase and popular Saipa products were more due. Accordingly, following the gradual evolution of software, Mega Company has succeeded in creating a strong infrastructure in the fields of attack control, software attack prevention (DDOS), management and upgrading of required hardware in the shortest possible time and … .

In line with this cooperation, the online sales system of Zamyad and Pars Khodro products was added to the online sales system of Saipa products. Sales of Pars Khodro and Zamyad products along with other Saipa products started in 2009.

Features Of Saipa Automotive Group Online Sales System

In this way, Saipa Automotive Company offered its products online and the system was used to sell to target customers.
In this system, car buyers can take all the necessary measures online from the time of order registration and payment of the car with the least face-to-face visit. In this process, products are currently being sold and pre-sold, and other models will be added in the future.
This system consists of three main parts, which are:

  • Customer section
  • Sales department
  • Section related to the central sales management of Saipa Company

The environment of the car portal site is designed in such a way that all visitors to the site are considered as a kind of potential customers and can order the car they want to buy by going through the order registration process. Payment is also made from the same system and customers who enter the system will become Saipa customers by paying the amount.
In the dealership section, each dealership can view all orders registered by customers and, if the documents are complete, confirm that order. If there is a defect, the agent can invite the customer to fix the defect.
In the central sales management section, Saipa registers its sales conditions in the system at specific time intervals based on the schedule tables. For each condition, the type of vehicles available, the colors of each model and the available number of each color, price and delivery conditions for the system will be defined. In addition, the control of the available number of each color and model will be automatically managed by the system.
Also, all financial transactions that take place in this system are guaranteed by the operating bank, which is a party to the contract of Saipa Company and will be specified on the system.

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