Online Car Spare Parts and Accessories Store (MegaYadak)

Due to the increasing use of Internet platform in Iran, using information technology in the field of car spare parts and accessories can help a lot to omit low quality ones. The main purpose of this project is to provide a large presence in the market of car spare parts and consumables. The main targets of this project are as follows:

  • Become a price inquiry reference in the spare parts market
  • Become a reference for introducing brands and certifying the quality of spare parts
  • Become a control tool for determining the price of car spare parts and its supply
  • Increase consumer satisfaction

The beneficiaries of Megayadak

The main activities defined in Megayadak are a combination of products and services that have been considered in different ways for different groups of customers. This system is designed to develop the capabilities of Iranecar portal and to make it easier for car owners to purchase spare parts, consumables and related services.
Megayadak offers its services to the following three groups:

  • End consumers
  • Car repair shop
  • suppliers

All the above groups can use a series of common benefits as well as specific benefits as follows:

Common benefits

  • Provide and use a valid warranty
  • Provide and access to original parts and services of desirable quality
  • Ability to enjoy all days of the week and hours of the day
  • Direct communication between the above groups to provide and use goods and services with minimal incidental costs
  • Targeted supply and access to specific and rare parts

Megayadak Benefits for End Consumers

The benefits of Megayadak for the end consumer are as follows:

  • Reduce costs associated with the purchasing process
  • Ability to submit comments regarding different orders
  • Possibility of returning the goods
  • Ability to benefit from services related to the purchased goods

Megayadak benefits for the repair shop

All car service centers are the target of communication and can use these facilities:

  • Online and direct surveys of customers and thus increase their satisfaction
  • Comprehensive and low-cost advertising and introduction of products to customers
  • Ability to provide fast, easy and cost-effective parts and accessories
  • Direct contact with the manufacturer to reduce costs

Mega Spare Benefits for Suppliers

Auto parts suppliers can sell online by defining and registering their online store. These sales panels are defined and launched under the standards of the country’s comprehensive car portal.

This store will have its own unique URL in the system and any seller can introduce it as their online store in the virtual world. In the next step and after activating the online store, the seller will enter and register his store information and items in the system. The seller can use special discount services in the system and introduce these services in the target market. With these interpretations, each store can have one or more different target markets.

The advantages of Megayadak for sellers include the following:

  • Direct access to the retail market and capillary distribution network
  • Higher profit margins due to presence in the retail market
  • Price control and management in the market
  • Online and direct surveys of customers as a result of increasing their satisfaction
  • Use of online sales facilities with specialized support
  • Increasing the volume and speed of sales and distribution of parts and accessories
  • Ability to prepare financial reports and reports related to the sales volume of products at any time
  • Ability to use warehouse and logistics management and reduce warehousing time
  • Ability to use Megayadak’s proprietary advertising infrastructure

Megayadak Differentiation

The main feature of this system, which distinguishes it from other online stores selling spare parts and accessories, is that this system is not just an online store, but an online market. In other words, this system is a set of all stores providing services and sales of spare parts and options that connect goods and services and the customer can receive related goods and services simultaneously.

A large number of Megayadak users are those who can be offered goods or services that are introduced in specific categories. Most of the platform’s customers are spare parts stores, consumer appliance stores, car repair shops and car owners.

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